" The bicycle has been central in my life even to the point where now i have my own brand of bikes . I am excited to see a documentary about the bicycle's history and impact in Britain. "
Sir Chris Hoy 6 x Olympic Champion, Hoy Bikes

" Watching the wonderful Bicycle film was a great lesson in the history of the sport that has become my life and passion. I hope it can inspire more people to give cycling a go. "
Tracy Moseley World Enduro MTB Champion 2013

" Lyrical, affectionate, beautiful. A hymn of praise to a humble wonder; the bicycle "
Ned Boulting, Broadcaster and Writer

" At a time when the bicycle is back in fashion, it is great to see a film about this beautiful machine coming out "
Chris Boardman MBE ,Olympic Gold Medallist

" I'm asking you please support this film Bicycle. Why? We have a tremendous story to tell here, one of inspiration, one of history. Please learn about the bicycle, please support Bicycle. "
Gary Fisher, legendary developer of the mountain bike

" The AA has been involved with the bicycle since 1905 when our first patrols used bikes and today we campaign for cycle safety with our Award winning Think Bikes Sticker Campaign. The Bicycle film brings the history of cycling to life and is fully supported by the Automobile Association as the bike has played a crucial part in our history and the history of transport in the UK. "
Edmund King AA President

" This evocative film is an affectionate hymn of praise to the bicycle's extraordinary and continuing importance to the world. "
Phillip Darnton : Bicycle Association (100+ year old industry organisation).

" We are thrilled to be associated with 'Bicycle' and excited to be a part of this ambitious project. The charity has a long-standing affinity with the bicycle, both through our fundraising activity and also our delivery of therapy tricycles for disabled children. "
Trudi Beswick, Chief Executive, Caudwell Children

" road.cc is pleased to be able to be able to add our support to the award-winning team producing this documentary on the story of the bicycle in British culture, it's a story that's close to our hearts. Tony Farrelly, Editor "

" For Reynolds, being involved with this film will be an honour that reflects the longevity of effort and achievements by its employees over the last 116 years. And we think the film will help showcase the strength and innovative depth of the UK bicycle industry over this time - sometimes we forget how much impact our predecessors had, and equally the contribution these companies can still make to the international cycling scene in both the sporting and manufacturing world. "

" Welcome to Yorkshire, which successfully bid to bring the Grand Départ to the county, is delighted to be supporting this definitive documentary about the history and impact of the bicycle in Britain. Yorkshire has a rich cycling heritage, hosting the Grand Départ of the Tour de France cements the county’s place as a heartland of British cycling and launches a legacy to inspire the next generation of Yorkshire champions. We are excited to be supporting this initiative and proud to be able to have the World Premiere in Yorkshire the week before the Grand Départ. "
Welcome to Yorkshire

" Cycling enjoys a rich history in the UK, and before the start of the motoring era, it was around the bicycle that transportation infrastructure was built. Trek is a firm believer that the bicycle is a simple solution to many of the problems that plague the world today, and are happy to be part of a project that will demonstrate not only how cycling was as much a part of our past, as it will be our future. "
Trek UK

" British Cycling are delighted to be supporting what will be a definitive film about the history and impact of the bicycle in Britain. British Cycling have played a significant role in this history and as such welcome the "Bicycle" film from the award winning filmmakers who are also keen cyclist’s. We would encourage all cyclists to see for themselves what the film currently in production is all about. "
British Cycling

" At Red Kite Cycles we are really over the moon to be able to back this documentary film. It's going to be a landmark for us all in understanding our country's relationship with the bike. It's going to entertain, inform and enthuse us all - and we can't wait! "
Red Kite Cycles

" Chapeau! was born in a changing time for cycling and we are very excited to be involved in a film that is going to document and explain the history and evolution of the bicycle like never before. "

" Cyclo’s decision to help support this film was an easy one; British cycling has enjoyed an unprecedented rise in both popularity and success over the last few years and anything that celebrates that – and helps to inspire the next generation of two-wheeled heroes – is to be roundly applauded. "
Cyclo - Two Wheels Good