And away we go…

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So the journey of the film continues: lots of things have happened over the past month or so

1: Lots of cinema screenings with many sell outs! more coming up so do check them out.We are screening  in the House of Commons on Oct 21st which is very exciting.

2: We have an international sales agent who loves the film and wants to help sell it across the world : here is hoping!

3: We now have the DVD / Poster and film screening licenses for sale in the SHOP: take your pick.

The growing success of the film is very much down to some of our key partners and sponsors and most all our supporters who have been awesome at telling others about the film: so thank you all!

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“Bicycle” hits the big screen…

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The film is gaining really good crowds and great responses across the UK in cinemas. It is very fulfilling to us all on the film team when people really ” get” the film, the laughs and pathos and intrigue the film weaves. It certainly seems to be hitting the mark in making people want to cycle more or get into it for the first time which is just brilliant.

Try to catch it at one of the many screenings as it is a good watch in full CinemaScope and HD sat with other people around you!

Hope to see you at one of them!



Great comp with upcoming Friends Life Tour of Britain cycle race

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“Bicycle”  screens in Liverpool as an official part of the Tour of Britain historic cycle race, just ahead of the the races Grand Depart on Sept 5th 6.30pm at the Picture House FACT cinema.

Further screenings linked to the TofB route are being held in Brighton 8th Sept, Malvern 11th Sept  ( with Tracy Moseley ), London 14th Sept and Exeter on the 22nd.

All the screenings feature post screening QA with the filmmakers.
Click here for more info:

“Bicycle” and The Friends Life Tour of Britain are offering a great competition for anyone who attends one of the screenings above and one of the ToB stages:

Entrants simply retain the cinema ticket and get a selfie of them at the stage and send both into Blue Hippo Media (address below) with their name and address written on the back of the photo for the chance to win one of 3 great prizes:

Prize 1: Signed jersey from the 2014 Friends Life Tour of Britain (will be signed by one of the four jersey winners) plus “BICYCLE” DVD signed by the director

Prize 2:  Unsigned Friends Life Tour of Britain jersey: plus “BICYCLE” DVD signed by the director

Prize 3:  Friends Life Tour of Britain 2014 Goody Bag (including books, programme, race manual and more): plus “BICYCLE” DVD signed by the director

NB: Competition Deadline for received entries is Sept 30th  2014.

…and now the work really begins….

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Yes it is hard making films but when you decide to do most of the marketing and distribution yourselves there is a whole other world of pain and sweat waiting for you. The rewards though are that you feel very connected to the journey your film is now on. So we are getting it into cinemas as far and wide as possible so you can see it all its CinemaScope glory on the big screen! Keep checking the screenings page and if you do  not see something near you, do ask your local cinema! We will do the rest.

Meanwhile we are also pushing the doors for TV distribution and of course getting the DVD ready for release and most importantly getting everything together to send out to our indiegogo crowd funding supporters.

Thanks for all the support and keep spreading the word about the film.


Just wanna ride our bicycles!

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Well we are getting in as much bicycle play as the work will allow.

But, we are busy with final DVD design / DVD extras / getting cinema screenings lined up and much much more!

We hope you are enjoying the sunshine in the UK or wherever you may be and getting out on your bicycles as much as possible.

The film is getting some great attention and great feedback so we are delighted.

More soon, meanwhile if you want to go to the buy tab and you can pre order the DVD now.



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Well we have now had the 2 World Premiers, the Private VIP one at the Bradford media museum on July 1st and the public world premiere July 5th at Harewood house at the festival of cycling as part of the Grand depart for the Tour de France where 1000 people turned out for the outdoor bicycle powered screening.Great responses to the film and lots of potential. Social media has grown hugely over the past week and continues to do so.Please help us spread the word and also go to you local indie Cinema and ask for them to play the film.


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The film is done, posters made, official trailer……..

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Wow a year or more of hard but rewarding work and now the film is done!…nearly 90 minutes and we are all very pleased with our endeavors and hope you will be too!

The posters arrived today and we are currently uploading the official trailer!

Tomorrow we have the VIP World Premiere and on friday the Public one at the TDF!

More very soon!



It’s nearly here!!

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We are just weeks away from the film being finished. The last few weeks have been hectic to say the least!

We have been filming several final elements and interviews for the film including the legend that is Hugh Porter, former world champion and in many ways the voice of cycling , yesterday we captured an interview with Cath Wiggins at Dolan bikes about her love of the bicycle and cycling. Her well known hubbie Brad popped in to say hi too.

We have also been busy with animation and archive. Phew, soooo much to do.

Keep up to date on all our social media platforms and please keep spreading the word.



Bicycle Team.

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Onwards and oh yes filming at the Women’s tour of Britain

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Things at “Bicycle” HQ are hectic and focused as ever with the director and editors deep into building the film whilst the animators toil and create and the film team capture the remaining elements. Music is being played with and funds still raised whilst World premieres get organized and film screenings planned.

Today we had a great day filming at the Women’s tour of Britain,

Amazing athletes, great organization and wonderful British public cheering and helping and embracing cycling.