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Mountain Biking – The Untold British Story …..

… a story yet to be told, in any media, anywhere.

The Crowd Funding campaign goes live this Friday at 4pm!

Get involved and be a part of the journey.

Building on the success of our acclaimed film “Bicycle” released in 2014 we have come together again and this time we have teamed up with the awesome Singletrack guys. This is an opportunity for everyone who wants to see the Brit story finally committed to tape, to get involved and celebrate all things mountain biking.

Mountain Biking – The Untold British Story  will chart the evolution of off road cycling in the UK from its beginnings in the likes of the Rough Stuff Fellowship right through to current UK world champions in the sport, innovations in technology and contemporary trends such as the fat bike.

It is nearly a year ago that the film had its World Public Premiere at the Grand Depart for the Tour de France in Yorkshire! Wow what a year since then eh…

IMG_0898 IMG_0933 IMG_0936

The film has been screened in over 100 cinemas across the UK and several overseas too.

IMG_0844 IMG_0846 IMG_0845

It has been released on DVD and HD streaming and download

Digipack Bicycle IMG_1262 DVD_IMAGE_2

Sold to Italy and China for TV , still hoping for a UK TV slot and many others too!

Thank you for all your support and we hope you will enjoy the TdF 2015!


Very excited about Mr Bradley Wiggins attempt at the historic hour record this Sunday June 7th.

Wiggins is confident he can beat the official record of 52.937km set last month by Alex Dowsett – Chris Boardman produced the all-time longest distance of 55.250km using the now-banned “superman” position – when he rides at London’s Lee Valley VeloPark on Sunday.

“I welcome competition,” said Wiggins. “Whatever I do on Sunday I hope someone goes for the record again, even if they fail. If no one attacks them because they’re frightened of failing, then the record will sit there dormant. That’s what sport’s all about.”

more information here:


We are still busy finding ways to get the film out far and wide: still more screenings coming up too.Maybe you want to do one locally? Check out the shop for info.

It seems you cannot take a turn without coming across stories of people and their bicycles and trips.We hope the bicycle is still on the rise!

The bicycle team are at work on 3 new possible bicycle related endeavors which hopefully will become clearer in the next few months too.

We hope you are getting out and about on your bicycles whatever shape or form and what ever the journey! Enjoy.


One of the things about making films is that you really want people to see what you have made!

We have been very very fortunate that we have had a fantastic run in cinemas which still continues and so many thousands have seen the film so far.

However, we really want people to be able to screen the film in their own community so we have made available two screening licenses that enable you to do just that and indeed many are taking up that .

We can support with promotion and if possible even attend for a QA.

Go to the shop to find out more.


cycle tour

The nights are getting longer and there is a freshness in the air and occasional warmth that tells us Spring is nearly upon us. Time to reflect on where the bicycle should take us on our longer rides this year.

This is a great article about the rise of cycle touring in the UK.

It seems there is to be a festival dedicated to cycle touring too!

It may not be your thing but it is a really great thing when you begin traveling further afield on your bicycle. Maybe just extend that “normal” trip a few miles this spring and see what is around the corner?

Wherever and whatever you are dong on your bicycle: ENJOY




Happy New Year! We are  hoping here at “Bicycle” HQ that 2015 will be a year that sees all of us enjoying cycling and the wonderful bicycle whatever our relationship with it. Long journeys or short, fast or slow, on our own or with friends. The bicycle is amazing in the fact that it can take us down the road and back or around the world.Where will the bicycle take you this year i wonder?

The photo shows one of our friends and supporter, Graham, who cycle camped up to the VIP premiere last year for the film. His bike really does take him everywhere! It is a very lightweight set up too!

Happy cycling and please help us by spreading the word about the film!



What a year! the response to the film has been overwhelming and very humbling: as we write we are in the voting stage alongside 47 other documentaries from across the world to go through to be one of the  nominated films for a 2015 BAFTA award which is amazing. We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who this past year has supported the film in some way , it has meant an awful amount to all of us. Have an amazing Christmas and a very happy new year!



The past month has seen us very active with cinema screenings and promoting the film far and wide.

We have screened at the house of commons which was a great experience and since then have been involved in using some of the films material to help organizations and campaigners to push ahead trying to get the £10 per head commitment as ongoing spend on cycling in the UK . YOU can be involved in that conversation by contacting your MP , lots of info through sustrans and CTC.

We also released a short film entitled  “You can have my gold medal…” you can see it on the video page on the website and share it far and wide.

This months focus is to try to get the DVD into as many cycle shops and outlets as possible to make it really easy for people to find and get the film.

Anyway onwards…lots to do thanks, again for all the support.